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TransparenSEE is all about creating positive change in the United States. Often, a person or an organization want to influence positive change in their environment. TransparenSEE is a means for individuals or groups of individuals to have a greater impact on their surroundings and make a difference in the lives of those around them.

By becoming a sponsor, you are choosing to make a difference through supporting TransparenSEE’s mission. Our mission is to provide a simple, accurate, and nonpartisan resource for U.S. Voters to stay involved and informed with the political process of the United States without the laborious research. TransparenSEE is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, a portion of any donation received will be reinvested back into solving social issues here in the United States.

One of our goals at TransparenSEE is to illuminate information that would normally be more tedious to seek out. Most of our users value organizations that promote citizen involvement and solving problems here in the United states. We want to make it easier for people to find these organizations and become patrons, this is what our sponsorship program is all about. By helping TransparenSEE achieve its goals, your organization will become a listed sponsor on a dedicated page across all of TransparenSEE’s platforms.

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